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Offshore 75 Power Boat Vibration Absorber System Backlit Compass (White)

Offshore 75 Power Boat Vibration Absorber System Backlit Compass (White)

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Model: LA-MA-0116W

Our Range of compasses are suitable for powerboats ranging from 5 to 9 metre length. Designed and manufactured directly for Zone C (Australia & South Pacific).

Whatever the boat speed, hull pounding or vibrations, the compass with remain fully efficient due to the innovative vibration absorber system which ensures the compass card remains stable in all conditions.

Quality marine products manufactured by marine parts maker and supplier Plastimo. This item comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

Quick Product Specs:
  • 100% Brand New Marine Grade Compass
  • Outstanding legibility under all weather and light conditions for optimum comfort and accurate readings.
  • Perfect stability of conical or flat card, 70 mm apparent diameter.
  • Graduation every 5°.
  • Lubber line - Orange/Red, for instant recognition.
  • Vibration Absorber - Optimum vibration-resistance for a perfect stability of the card. "Vibration Absorber" exclusive system : minimal contact between the pivot and the sapphire cup.
  • Watertight construction - One-piece moulded flange and bowl.
  • Viton® diaphragm with extreme expansion and retraction capacity : compensates the fluctuations in fluid volume caused by differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure, preventing the formation of bubbles.
  • Moulded-in sunken head screws.
  • All parts fully UV-ray treated.
  • Supplied with mounting gasket & mounting diagram
Material Description: Durable ABS Housing UV-Ray treated for marine applications.
LED Lighting: 12V
Diameter: 100mm
Height (when installed): 47mm
Total Height: 88mm
Recessed Cut-out Diameter: 66mm


1 x Offshore Power Boat Vibration Absorber System Backlit Compass (White)