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Dual Feed Double Action Outboard Engine Motor Flusher

Dual Feed Double Action Outboard Engine Motor Flusher

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Model: LA-MA-0273

Manufactured for marine conditions. Quality Marine Product. Sturdy Double Flush action motor flusher.

Quick Product Specs:
  • 100% Brand New Product
  • This item is used to feed water into the cooling system of an engine to flush out salt, sand and other debris after use.
  • Round 90mm x 90mm Black Rubber cup Muffs
  • Powder coated spring steel frame to powerfully clamp on to the outboards led and seal the rubber, maximising water pressure
  • Suitable for inland weekly engine starts
  • A strong, stable and secure connection
  • Unique dual flow design maximises the amount of water available.
  • Suits a wide range of outboard, stern & inboard motors.
  • Please ensure your lower unit has side water intakes & double check muff dimensions.
  • Suitable for Australian hose sizes
  • 100% high-quality guaranteed & durable design
Material Description: Spring steel frame coated in Black epoxy
Muff Size: 90mm x 90mm