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3mm 16 Amp Marine Grade Tinned Twin-Core Wire (50m Roll)

3mm 16 Amp Marine Grade Tinned Twin-Core Wire (50m Roll)

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Model: LA-MA-0198-50M

Our tin coated copper electrical cable/wiring has been manufactured to resist and reduce corrosion found over time in standard copper wiring.

The wires are double insulated in a red and black sheath with an external white sheath to protect the internal wiring.

Easy to use and work with for installations.

Please take note that 3mm is not NOT conductor cross-section area but an industry term identifying the cable size.

Quick Product Specs:
  • 100% Brand New Product
  • Suitable for applications up to 16 amps
  • Tinned coated Copper Wiring to resist corrosion
  • External flexible insulation white sheath
  • Easy to use and work with for installations
  • Designed and manufactured for installation in harsh marine conditions.
Material Description: Tinned Copper Wiring enclosed in red & black sheath and double insulated in external white sheath
Current Rating: 16 Amp rating
Nominal Area (mm2): 1.13mm
Insulation Thickness (mm): 0.4mm
Sheath Thickness (mm): 0.6mm
Nominal O.D.(mm) 3.3 x 5.5mm
Working Temperature Range
: -20
°C to 90°C


x 50mtr Roll 3mm 16 Amp Tinned Twin-Core Wire